Some information about my studies and carreer:

I studied Biology at Universidad Complutense in Madrid.

I Became a Gestalt Therapist in 2013.

I started practicing Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan in 2006. I became a teacher in 2008 attending Janú Ruiz trainning classes and attended courses with Almudena López de Lerma, Master Juan Li, Renu Li, Alain Baudet and Tew Bunnag.

I started with Usui Tradicional Reiki in 2001 with Francisco Peña up to third grade.  Then I continued with Reiki Unitario- Unitarian Reiki- in 2007.  I received the Master Grade in Tradicional Reiki Healing in 2010.

I received training in Light Codes Quantum Holoforms from KAI starting in 2010. Crystal Turquesa y Zafiro to balance the nervous system and our aura. The Arcturian System  heal memories of pain, anger and also inherited patterns from the family.

I have attended Channeling Courses with Fina López. Akashic healing with Mariana Cracana and Emoconciencia with Miguel Angel Perez Ibarra.

For more information, please contact Almudena Blasco. +34 618 073 039